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At Apex Towing, we strive to go beyond typical tow driver providers with more service options and lower pricing than anyone else in the community. Whenever you need help, you’ll find our experienced contractors remain available 24-hours of every day.

From typical breakdowns and flats to roadside assistance solutions, you can count on us for everything your vehicle needs the most. Other companies will only offer to haul your car, and they’ll charge a fortune for it.

Instead, we want to save as many Apex, North Carolina drivers more on any service need, helping them to get home faster and at lower costs. When you need to know that you’ve hired the experienced towing professionals, you need our drivers today.

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24 Hour Towing

Your vehicle can suffer a breakdown at any moment, and often without advanced warning that something is wrong. Once you pull off the side of the highway, however, it doesn’t matter why, other than it has left you with a disabled vehicle.

No matter where in town your car quit or what time of day or evening it is, you can still count on us to assist you when you need it.

Dead Battery Jumps

The typical modern vehicle has more advanced computer systems than most of the shuttles that have gone into space. When the battery dies, you can’t hook up cables and hope for the best, or else you could easily worsen the damage.

Instead, we use a professional charging unit that gives your battery juice without frying the vehicle. It remains the safe, convenient, and affordable option each time you need a jump.


Vehicle Lockouts

As embarrassing as it is, the typical driver will likely lock their keys inside of their car at least a few times throughout their lives. The radio, touchscreens, phone calls, and other passengers easily distract you from taking your keys with you.

Before you hire an expensive vehicle locksmith, we’ll save you more on faster service. You can count on us to pop open any door for more makes and models of vehicles.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Sometimes, towing your vehicle is not the best solution for what is going on with it. In many cases, you could have your truck running again with the right roadside assistance technicians.

Our staff knows how to provide a variety of onsite repairs and services that get your engine running once more.  From dead batteries and flat tires to driving your car stuck in a ditch, we can handle it all.

Winch-Out Services

Whether you swerved to avoid an animal running across the road, or winter black ice took your car for a spin, there are plenty of times where a winch would come in handy. Thankfully, our drivers arrive prepared when cars roll into a ditch, have sunken tires, or otherwise find yourself stuck.

Winch-out service is not something that all towing companies offer, and we can help you save on rescuing your car daily.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

Your tires’ tread wears out daily, and it doesn’t take long for one to blow out. Even if you manage to avoid every pothole and curb, every tire eventually bursts, but most wheels can get repaired.

Whether you need onsite replacement, tire repairs, or quality vehicle towing, you can count on our drivers for it all. No one else provides more service options than the team behind Apex Towing Services.

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